The importance of context…

English is Context helps teachers and, what is hugely important, helps their students to
really understand – through English in context – how English is context.”
Mike Burghall & Lindsay Clandfield


English is Context
– Practical pragmatics for clear communication

by Andreas Grundtvig
Centre Manager, Cambridge Examination Centres Nord (DE007 & DK770)

For two millennia of language teaching, the focus seems very much to have been upon grammar and translation, with a heavy emphasis on learning the alphabet for reading.
Within the last hundred years or so, there have been many bold attempts – and excellent proposals and well-founded arguments – for moving away from the grammar-translation method:

  • While these may have recognised the need to consider context, dealing with it directly,
    however, seems to remain a grey area in a world known for its many shades of grey.
  • While the rules for good conversation are ancient, the study of context is relatively
    recent and largely theoretical.

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