If you are unsure which test to take, please always first visit the preparation section for the exam on the Cambridge Assessment English website.

B2 First
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

Here you can find downloadable samples of the paper-based tests, as well as examples of the computer-based tests, and the answers for each.

It might also be useful to know that candidates who score very well in an exam will receive a certificate that says pass at a higher level (e.g. those who score over 90% at C1 will receive a certificate that states ‘Pass at a C2 Level’).
Similarly, candidates who have a narrow fail will still receive a certificate for the lower level (e.g. between 50-60% at C1 will receive a certificate that states ‘Pass at a B2 Level’).

In order to offer the exams here in we need to employ and train local staff for invigilation, organise and hire a suitable room where the test can take place, and once completed the tests need to be despatched to the UK immediately by courier service. These things as well as other administration are covered by the fee.

After the closing date places are very limited. If we have not received the full payment by the closing date there is a high risk that your registration will not be successful.

This is only possible when you are a group of 10 or more candidates. For more details please contact the centre.

Some of the exams offered by this centre (see exam dates), are offered in two formats: a paper-based version, in which you need to write your answers in pen or pencil; and a computer-based format. In the computer-based test candidates type their answers using Cambridge software, but it  is not an online test and does not allow access to internet websites or word features such as spell check. For further details see cambridgeenglish.org

No. These exams are not available online.

We may be able to provide extra time for you (usually 25%). Please mention this on your entry form and contact the centre.

In the week immediately following the closing date for entries you will receive a confirmation by email. This gives you further instructions about the procedure on the day of the test as well as your personal candidate number

No. This is only necessary if you have no identification of any kind.

No. We need to take your photograph on the day of your speaking test. This is done using a camera and secure software approved by the UK Border Authorities. Once your photograph has been uploaded to the Cambridge servers, the centre cannot access your photograph.

It is an international requirement that for Cambridge exams (B2-C1) we take your photograph on your exam day. Any refusal to comply with this therefore risks your not receiving a result. In such cases no refund nor transfer to an exam at a later date can be offered.

“Test Day Photos are an important part of our security measures and they are an essential requirement for our recognising organisations.  We are putting extra measures in place to ensure that C1 Advanced continues to be recognised for immigration and higher education purposes.
By signing up, candidates are agreeing to have their photo taken. If a candidate refuses to have their photo taken on the test day, or their parent or guardian refuses to give permission for the photo to be taken, the candidate cannot take the exam.” Cambridge

Evening preparation courses are offered by the Berufliche Schule für Medien und Kommunikation, Eulenkamp 46, 22049 Hamburg. Please see www.bmk-hh.de/weiterbildungskolleg.html for more details.
For individulised teaching or in-company courses please contact the centre for suggestions.
It is the centre’s policy not to show favouritism towards any publisher. A list of preparation materials can, however, be found at: www.cambridgeenglish.org/learning-english/
We also recommend that you search youtube for examples of the speaking test.

Once the registration has been approved by Cambridge, you will not be able to withdraw your entry in exchange for a refund or free transfer to a later date.
If you are unfit or ill on the day of your exam, however, please obtain a medical certificate from your doctor and we can arrange for a partial refund or transfer.

Cambridge insist that all entries be completed on the closing day for registrations. Any delay in payment (regardless of whether it is the candidate’s fault or a banking error) or receipt of your entry form will result in a potentially unsuccessful registration.

No. You will need to keep all of the speaking (part 5) dates published for your exam on the website free. You will receive an exact time and day in your Confirmation of Entry.
If there is one day when you know that you will not be available please write this on the entry form, giving a reason for your absence.

 Previous candidates have stayed at and enjoyed the Ibis Hotel Alsterring (www.ibis.com) and found this to be very practical. For other economical alternatives please see: www.hostelworld.com

After the closing of the Early Bird registrations, the number of entries we can still offer is very limited. If a sufficient number of people still wish to do the exam but were too late, we may try to offer an additional date. We apologise for any convenience this may cause.


You will normally receive a Confirmation of Entry with a full timetable about four weeks before your exam. Please make sure you read this very carefully.
For your written tests, please make sure that you give yourself enough time to arrive and be seated by the starting time of the first test.
For your speaking test, you will need to arrive at least 20 minutes before the time that is stated. This allows us to photograph you and also gives you time to warm up for the test with your partner.

Cambridge ask you to complete a Candidate Information Sheet on the day of your exam. This includes questions about your previous studies, languages and nationality. It is for the purposes of market research for the examinations only. Any information you give is covered by the Data Protection Act of the United Kingdom.
No matter what answer you give on this sheet it will not affect the result of your exam in any way. There is no obligation to answer the questions if you do not wish to do so.

You must bring a recognised photo ID on the day of the test. The ID must be an original unexpired government-issued ID (e.g. passport or EU Identity card/Personalausweis).

Unless your exam takes place on a weekday (Monday-Friday) the Speaking Test will take place in the afternoon of the same day as your written tests.

Smoking on the premises is strictly forbidden. If you wish to smoke please go outside away from the building.

These exams normally take place
For large groups of candidates (i.e. from the same school or company) alternative arrangements are sometimes agreed with the Centre Manager. If you are in any doubt, please see your Confirmation of Entry.

Please see a doctor to obtain a medical certificate. We can only arrange a partial refund or free transfer to a later exam once we have received this from you.

It is the worldwide policy for candidates of all Cambridge English exams (apart from KEY ‘KET’) )to be photographed. These photographs are saved on the Cambridge database and fully protected by the data protection act of the United Kingdom. They will not be shared with any third party without your consent.
Because of security measures like these, Cambridge: Key, Preliminary, First, Advanced and Proficiency; IELTS; Business English Certificates; Cambridge English: Legal; Cambridge English: Financial and ESOL Skills for Life continue to be recognised by the UK Border Authorities.
The photographs are not printed on your certificate.

No. The entire room and quality is always checked at the beginning of the test. Participants are asked if they have any difficulties hearing the recording, if they do, adjustments can be made. These conditions are regularly checked by Cambridge inspectors and never create any problems.

For paper-based tests the recording is played through loud speakers.
For computer-based tests you are encouraged to bring your own headphones (provided they have a USB Type-A or 3.5mm audio jack). These must be inspected by the Invigilation team before the listening test.

Cambridge only allow you to take water (sparkling or still) in a clear plastic bottle to your desk. One reason for this is that if you spill anything on your paper it may either make it impossible to read your answer sheet or cause it to become stuck to other papers during despatch.
You may bring other drinks or food with you on the day but these must be left in the designated area during the exam. There will be a short break between each paper for you to eat something and visit the bathroom if you wish.
Please see the Regulations published on the website to see what materials you can take with you on the day of the exam. A summary of regulations will also be sent with your Confirmation of Entry.

No. Cambridge are very strict about which materials you may bring with you to your desks on the day of the exam. While dictionaries may be allowed in some exams they are not allowed here. Please see the Regulations published on the website to see what materials you can take with you on the day of the exam. A summary of regulations will also be sent with your Confirmation of Entry

No. If you bring these with you they will be confiscated.
You may use a rubber/eraser for any work done in pencil, however.

For KEY (KET) and Preliminary (PET) you will only need to use a pencil.
For all other exams you will also need to use a pen.
You are welcome to bring your own materials but we will also provide you with these both before the start of each test.

The participants are seated according to specifications given to centres worldwide by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Candidates are seated according to their candidate number, in rows and columns, at least 1.25 M apart both horizontally and vertically.


This service does not support all internet browsers. If you are having difficulties with the website please try using a different browser.

Your certificate was sent by registered post to the address that you gave on your entry form. Please contact the centre, confirming your postal address.

No. All tests completed in are sent by courier to the UK, where they are marked and checked. The results publication date is set by Cambridge and cannot be changed.

For an online score converter, please click
For a more detailed explanation in a pdf document, please click

Cambridge do not publish more detailed information than that given in your Statement of Results.

The Cambridge website does not support all Internet Browsers. Please try again using an alternative browser.

Approximately four weeks before the date of your exam you will receive a computer generated ‘Confirmation of Entry’. This will include a ‘secret number’ and details of how to log in to the Cambridge servers to see your results online. You MUST keep this number safely, the Centre does not have copies of this.
Your results will usually be available online about one month after the date of the exam. After a further month you will be sent your certificate by registered post.