To register for an exam you must follow the below instructions very carefully.

NB. If you have a question please first see the FAQ page.
In urgent cases use this contact form.
Please note that the office is closed during Hamburg school holidays (e.g. from 20 – 27 May).
During these times you can still register but you will not be able to reach us by phone.

1. Check that the date of your exam is published on the corresponding exam page on this website – see ‘Exams and Prices’ (
Exams are offered at different venues in Northern Germany (Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern etc) and Southern Denmark. Please make sure that your registration is for a venue that is most convenient for you.
You will also see that for each date given, we will also tell you if an exam is computer-based or paper-based. If an exam is listed as paper-based, for example, you do not have the option to choose computer-based on that same day.
Computer-based exams must take place at the examination venue, using designated computers.
Once a closing date has passed it will be too late to withdraw your registration.
If you have missed the Closing Date for Entries for this exam you may continue to register until the page states that the exam is ‘Fully booked’.

2. It is important that you read the Regulations and Conditions of Entry.
On the day of your exam you will be asked to sign your exam papers as an indication of your agreement with these terms.

3. Download and complete one of the below Entry Forms electronically:

Please click here for an entry form if you are under 17 years old
Please click here for an entry form if you are 18 years old or over
For any other questions please see our FAQ page.

Important: If you have prepared for your examination at your school, it is important that tell us the name of your school and teacher in your Entry Form.
– Please be aware that sending a paper-copy of your entry form by post may lead to delays and possible disappointment.
– Please do NOT send a photograph.
By signing the form you confirm that you agree with all exam day rules and requirements communicated to you before and on the exam day.

4. Send your completed form to: or
If your form has been sent successfully you will receive an automatic reply to confirm that we have received your form. Printed registrations sent by regular post after the closing date will be rejected.
Please also note that exams (particularly computer-based exams) may be fully booked before the given Closing Date for Entries.

5. Once we receive your electronic Entry Form you will need to transfer the examination fee.
We will send you full details of how to do this in an automatic reply. If you do not receive this reply, please check your spam folder as well as any other folders (eg. Gmail Social or Promotions) before contacting us.
You must complete your payment of the exam fee before the Closing Date for entries to avoid having to pay a late entry fee or disappointment.
Invoices will only be sent upon request, and only when an exam has been confirmed – please note that in some cases this may only be possible very shortly before the closing date for entries.

Once you have sent your form and completed the payment, do not contact us before the Closing date to ask if your registration has been successful or if the examination will proceed as planned.
We will not be able to confirm anything before this date and your email will not be answered.
If you need an earlier confirmation, ie for an application for further study, please consider an earlier exam.

6. You will receive an email with further details within five working days after the Closing Date for Entries.
This includes instructions for the procedure of the Examination Day. Please make sure that you read this email very carefully to avoid unnecessary stress or disappointment on the day of your exam.
If you do not receive this email within five working days of the given closing date, please contact the centre immediately.

7. About three weeks before your Exam, you will receive an official confirmation of your registration from the University of Cambridge. This Confirmation of Entry includes your full Examination timetable as well as details of how to see your results after the exam. You MUST keep this very safely, we cannot help you if you lose it.

8. Results will normally be available 3-5 weeks after an exam date.  They can be downloaded as a Statement of Result using the log-in details given in your Confirmation of Entry. This is sufficient to satisfy entry requirements for further study. Your certificate will normally arrive about 8 weeks after the exam day. At especially busy times such as in June and December, the delivery of your certificate may be delayed, in such cases the centre has no influence and accepts no responsibility.