Covid-19 (Corunavirus) FAQ


How many people will be in the exam room?

Cambridge Assessment English will publish an action plan for centres by 16 March at the latest.

Unless you have already been vaccinated against COVID-19, all candidates are advised to take a rapid test (schnelltest) on the morning of the exam, at least 30 minutes before arriving at the venue.

You will not be permitted to participate if you have acute signs of a cold (such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle or joint pain, sore throat, headache, cold, diarrhoea) or an elevated temperature when you arrive at the centre.

All candidates will be asked to wash their hands before the start of the written tests. The use of hand sanitiser/disinfectant are also strongly encouraged, but it is the candidate’s responsibility to provide these for their own use.
You must avoid shaking hands with any other candidates or exam day staff.

You are welcome to wear a face mask, but this must be checked by the invigilation team before the start of your test. It is your responsibility to provide your own mask but not a requirement.

In the event of the closure of an exam venue, all efforts will be made to provide an alternative venue for you. Where this is not possible, the exam will be cancelled and a request made to Cambridge Assessment English to either offer you a free transfer to a later date, or refund your fee.

If an examination is cancelled we will immediately apply to Cambridge Assessment English for either a free transfer to an exam at a later date, or for a full refund of your fee.
If you need your result for an application for further study, we recommend that you contact your university or UCAS to explain the situation. We will gladly support this with an official confirmation.

If the Closing Date for an exam has passed and you personally wish to withdraw or change your application to a future date, this will only be possible on provision of a medical note from your doctor.

The maximum number of candidates allowed per room for exams in March, April and May is 25.

Candidates will be seated 2 Metres apart from one another during the written tests.

The ‘high risk areas’ on 10 March 2020 were: Italy, Iran, China and South Korea. If you have visited any of these areas within 14 days of your exam, you must contact the Centre Manager immediately.